Why do I exist? Why am I here? Who am I? What's my purpose? What is love? How do you feel Love? Is love real? Why am I alone? What is a relationship? What do I want from a relationship? Will I ever be with someone to experience life with? What is the point of a relationship when we're meant to die alone? Is my reason for living just to die? What is there to come after death? Will I be reborn in a different body? I'm scared to die. I'm scared to experience love. I don't know why I have relationships with random people in this world. Why are we as a human race so selective with who we bring into our lives to experience this world with us? These are some of the thoughts that keep me up at night... 

Can't Sleep Without You_WINN, SEAN.jpg

Can't Sleep Without You

180x105 cm

Oil on canvas


  Each of the pieces in my body of work are all different questions or thoughts I deal with in my personal life as a millennial. I use portraiture to connect with, not only myself, but the people in my life. Through a series of questions and conversations with my subjects, we connect on a mental health level and realize that we have a lot more in common when it comes to the ideas we have about this world and how we deal with these topics. Not only do I get to understand my subjects and friends more than I would ever imagine but I also get an intimate insight on things I've never had to go through in my own personal life. 


Slowly Becoming One with the Universe

145x105 cm

Oil on canvas


  Within a lot of my work I use string lights to symbolize the chaos of our brain activity and our mental state. When you have issues within your personal life whether it'd be relationships, mental health, love interest, finances, etc. No one sees these things outward facing and assume that people are okay even though we all put up a facade and say "I'm good, how are you?", when truly we all want to scream.


  With these string lights tangled around the figure, it's taking those everyday struggles and wearing them as an emotional outward facing coat that one battles to get untangled from. 


Never the Right Time

140x105 cm

Oil on canvas


  In the start of my practice I never intended on making sculptures, especially not out of wool, scarves and cotton. I made these dreamlike sculptures because, just like my paintings, I like to take the everyday and place it in a different, science fiction setting. I look at wool, pillows, and scarves as everyday interactive things just like everyone else, but no one ever thinks about the multiple forms knitwear and knitting can take on.


  These sculptures represent the complexities of ones mind with the use of all the different patterns knitted and crocheted within each individual piece in each sculpture. The string lights included represent ones neurotransmitters and how those play a huge role in mental health. Some are dissipating and others are energetic and move at light speed.   



Mixed media sculpture


  Everyones idea of a ‘safe space’ is different. Most of the time when your thoughts get the best of you is in the dead of night. For instance, the thoughts and questions that take over my brain happen when I’m in bed trying to get ready to go to sleep but those life threatening or intense questions make it impossible for me to even calm down enough to fall asleep. Based off of a personal survey, a lot of people I know get the most emotional in bed, in the shower, in the kitchen, driving, etc. All those responses intrigue me to further my practice and figure out what is everyone’s safe space to just sit with their emotions and cry. Why do we take comfort in these places when at our darkest mindset? 

IMG_3316 (1).jpg

Do you even love me?

40 x 26 inches

Oil on canvas 


At Worlds End_Sean_Winn_edited.jpg

At World's End

36 x 60 inches

Oil and Acrylic on canvas 


Don't Let Me Down_Sean_Winn.JPG

Don't let me down

30 x 40 inches

Acrylic on canvas 


Sean Winn_Lying Next to You_2018.JPG

Lying Next to You 

16 x 16 inches

Oil on canvas 


Validate the time you have.jpg

Validate the Time You Have

18 x 20 inches

Acrylic on canvas 


It's All in Your Head

8 x 11 inches

Oil on panel 



Sean Winn_ Desire vs Passion_2017.jpg

Desire vs Passion 

36 x 40 inches

Acrylic on canvas 


Sean Winn_Knocking at your door_2018.jpg

Knocking at Your Door 

30 x 22 inches

Oil on panel